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5 - To Sharpen
Almost all kukris come with these two small knives on the back portion of the scabbard. The “Karda” (one edge sharpened) is a small utility knife used to perform small tasks that the big kukri blade cannot. The “Chakmak” (Both edge dull/unsharpened) is the sharpener used to sharpen both the main blade, which is the Kukri.

To sharpen the kukri, place the blade firmly against a smooth leveled surface with the edge facing sideward resting body weight on it as shown in the picture. Applying a little force, drag the Chakmak from the tip of the kukri to the notch (notch works as a stopper) several times on one side. Make sure you maintain a certain rhythm and always start from tip to notch. Now flip the kukri to the other side and repeat the action. Repeat till you get the desired sharpness or edge. The Chakmak sharpening process is quite laborious and time consuming. Therefore, a sharpening stone is recommended for faster and better results.

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