Historic unrefined

This very famous historic gets an unrefined finish for real use. Its the replica of what Gurkhas carried in world wars.

Silver Tiepin

This 6cm long tiepin is made from sterling silver and is made by hand. It is a beautiful gift and also is seen worn by gurkha officer on their tie and uniform.

Khukuri Hansheeya

New Khukuri blade from the stable of Khukuri House Thamel known as "Khukuri Hansheeya". It is shaped like a circular sickle knife called "Hansheeya" therefore the name. 

Brigade of Gurkhas Plaque

Regimental plaque of the Brigade of Gurkhas for collectors

Service No 5: Remodeled

This Kukri is not the No 1 but the remodeled of the old and famous Kukri "Service No 1". New handle, new knotch and new look. It is "Service No 5".


Welcome to Khukuri House Thamel. We are proud to present the Legendary Kukris. kukri a medium-lenght curved knife each gurkha soldier carries with him in uniform and in battle. In his grip, it is a formidable razor sharp weapon and a cutting tool. In fact, it is an extension of his arm. When his rifle misfires, or when his bullets have run out, a gurkha unsheathes his kukri and makes his final " do or die " run on the enemy in a fury to finish the business. Discount Khukuri How To Handle Khukuri


Khukuri House Thamel is the manufacturer and distributor of the finest Kukris in Nepal. Established by Mr. lalit Lama, an ex-British Gurkha Warrant Officer in 1993 is the first genuine Gurkha Knife store in the heart of thamel (tourist area) in Katmandu, Nepal.


Khukuri House is very proud to be a part of this wonderful event. Prince Henry of Wales "Harry" on his on going official visit to Kathmandu, Nepal, was presented a Beautiful Khukuri Blade, text engraved honoring Harry by the Nepal Army. This Majestic Khukuri was made by Khukuri House. What an awesome honour for this house.
Kukri, Khukuri, khukri, kukuri, kookuri, no matter how you call it; it always refers this curved sharp metal carried by Gurkhas; the most feared weapon of all. 
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